Mara Core Conditioning is a Newton Highlands, MA Pilates studio. Owner Mara Iancovici has 30 years of experience training clients and has a background in exercise physiology and kinesiology, which she said she uses to help all types of clients that come in to her studio.

“I find inspiration in teaching and training people of various ages, body types, fitness levels, and post-rehabilitation needs and find satisfaction in seeing them improve,” Iancovici said. “I love observing each person’s unique characteristics and tailoring Pilates and Gyrotonic® Expansion System Method programs to enhance their well-being.”

Iancovici offers private and semi-private Pilates sessions, mat Pilates, Pilates for teens and classes geared towards more therapeutic movements. These therapeutic classes are designed for the client that needs relief from joint pain, improved posture and wants to improve mind-body muscle connection.

“In our society, some people use their minds to become aware of their bodies, while others tend toward physical expression rather than words,” Iancovici said. “To achieve true fitness requires will power and mind-body connection.”

Iancovici said each session is different and she shapes trainings to the individual. Her goal is to “develop?clients emotional and physical health through self-esteem and, in group settings, through teamwork.” Her philosophy is that by taking on fitness as a physical and emotional activity, it promotes fitness long-term and comprehensively.

“My goal is to create the right blend of exercises and intensity so everyone can succeed and progress at his or her own level,” Iancovici said. “The movements create muscle control, which becomes integrated into the student’s daily activities and lives; the workout becomes a lifelong experience.”

New clients are invited for a free consultation for a private Pilates session. All sessions are 55 minutes long. For more information about Mara Core Conditioning, visit

By Kelly Church

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