“I like using my mind to concentrate when I’m working out since it keeps me interested and challenged.”

Leah M.

“She always seems to find just the right amount of challenge for me, adapts the exercises, and varies my routine so that I am never bored or injured.”

Serene V.

“Mara has a fabulous sense of humor and knows how to explain an exercise in many ways to make sure you understand it, and give you new and exciting exercises.”

Sarah M.

“Mara’s approach to training is highly intellectual as well as physical.”

Susan K.

“I love Mara. She is very knowledgeable, caring and talented. Plus she is warm, funny and good-hearted.”

Franz I.

“I feel competent, strong and able to conquer the world.”

Diana G.

“The experience has been nothing but positive. Mara creates a supportive environment in which one can be relaxed and eager to participate”

Larry S.

“I find Mara remarkable in her ability to see exactly what is going on with my muscles and to fine tune exercises to get maximum benefit. Since working with Mara, I no longer have any pain when I walk and feel much stronger than I ever have. She is the BEST!”

Marge H.

“Mara has a delightful combination of skill, intuition, and humor.”

Nancy G.
Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.