While you are watching your kids play sports or on the playground, it is the perfect time to mobilize your body and exercise!

Shoulders: Either seated or standing raises your shoulders up & down or make circles moving them around.

Ankles: Move your ankles to flex & point, in & out and around.

Tap your feet on the ground fast and slow, or just walk around.

Back: If you are sitting, tilt your pelvis backward and forward and then, elongate your spine up, place you right hand on your left knee and your left arm behind your back on the floor, and twist your back to the left, switch the arms and twist it to the right.

Back: Place your hands behind your head, lift your chest up to the sky and then bend over your feet and let your hands reach down to your heels.

Hamstrings: If you are lying on a blanket on your back, lift your right leg to your chest with your hands, keeping your left straight down and stretch your hamstrings. Don’t forget to switch the legs.

Obliques: Rest your body on your elbows, bend your knees and pick them up and twist them to the right and left in a Can-Can movement dance.

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Submitted by Nanette Fridman, fridmanstrategies@gmail.com