I’m sure you’ve heard from your physician or PT: “You need to strengthen your CORE” or “Your back is hurting you because your CORE is weak.”

So, what is the CORE? Every time we move, some muscles are holding us steady, while the others actually are moving our body. The ability of the body to coordinate and integrate our movements and reactions is the CORE. Your CORE allows you to multi-task actions without “falling on your nose”.

When you are walking your dog and it suddenly sees a cat and tries to pull the leash out of your hand and you succeed to keep your balance and take control, you should thank your CORE. When you lift your 20-22 lb. baby effortlessly or ride a bike 23 miles or more pain free, thank your CORE.

The CORE muscles help us to have:

Better posture
Better balance
More efficient & elegant body movements
Less risk of injury
Thank your CORE and be kind to it by strengthening it with Pilates & Gyrotonic Expansion System.

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Submitted by Nanette Fridman, FridmanStrategies@gmail.com