“I like using my mind to concentrate when I’m working out since it keeps me interested and challenged.”
Leah M.
“Make your chest smile to the sky!” Mara Iancovici cheerfully urged during one early class I had with her. And how those seven words have changed my whole bearing and posture! That is Mara’s gift – using words to help students envision the changes that will give them better health, more strength, and grace. About eight years ago I developed pain in my left leg caused by arthritic bone deposits in a facet joint at the 5th lumbar vertebra. Orthopedists said one solution could be surgery, which I was very reluctant to consider. Fortunately, an excellent physical therapist and Mara helped erase the pain. How? Through this skillful teaching of simple daily stretching exercises and through inspiring me to take weight off. How did Mara succeed in that impossible task? One day, when I’d complained again of pain in my left leg, Mara said quietly, “Barbara, people with arthritic bone deposits in a joint notice that even just losing 3 pounds can help lessen the pain.” Well, that simple remark did it. Slowly I lost the 3 pounds and gradually, gradually 30 pounds, eventually. And guess what? The pain is gone. I can hardly remember it anymore. I visit Mara’s studio once a week and have for years now. Never have I had another teacher who is so gifted at increasing strength, so knowledgeable about anatomy, and so focused on helping students banish their particular aches and pains. Not in all these years has Mara give me the exact same class twice! She always varies my activities. It’s a wonder. Her new studio in Newton is very beautiful. I am very happy for her that she has her own space. Lucky is the student who can visit it. Boston is very lucky to have this gifted, cheerful, intelligent teacher! Mara is not discouraged by the physical challenges her students bring her. She simply loves solving problems!”
Barbara W.
“She always seems to find just the right amount of challenge for me, adapts the exercises, and varies my routine so that I am never bored or injured.”
Serene V.
“Mara’s approach to training is highly intellectual as well as physical.”
Susan K.
“I feel competent, strong and able to conquer the world.”
Diana G.
“The experience has been nothing but positive. Mara creates a supportive environment in which one can be relaxed and eager to participate”
Larry S.
“I find Mara remarkable in her ability to see exactly what is going on with my muscles and to fine tune exercises to get maximum benefit. Since working with Mara, I no longer have any pain when I walk and feel much stronger than I ever have. She is the BEST!”
Marge H.
“Mara has a delightful combination of skill, intuition, and humor.”
Nancy G.
“Mara has a fabulous sense of humor and knows how to explain an exercise in many ways to make sure you understand it, and give you new and exciting exercises.”
Sarah M.
“I love Mara. She is very knowledgeable, caring and talented. Plus she is warm, funny and good-hearted.”
Franz I.
“Mara is a superb Pilates instructor with whom I’ve worked for many years. She is acutely aware of every of every muscle group and body position; she constantly corrects misalignments, making sure her client is safely strengthening the body. Mara is an expert in working with chronic muscular-skeletal difficulties and offers well-rounded Pilates instruction for healthy individuals at all levels of fitness. She has been extremely helpful with my chronic low back problems, helping me to avoid acute episodes of muscle spasms and to recover more quickly when an episode occurs. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their overall fitness.”
Allen P.
“I refer my most challenging patients to Mara Iancovici because I trust her. She has a gift for wise movement, a keen intuition about faulty body mechanisms, a good eye for proper postural analysis and the knowledge to tailor the right exercise blend. I wish every chiropractic patient I referred to Mara would follow through with her services – I have seen remarkable results with my patients who have gone to her”
Thomas Michaud, Doctor Chiropractic, Newton.
Results may vary from person to person and their commitment to the program. Results are not guaranteed.