When we were children, our parents often told us to stand up straight, but rarely did they tell us how or why. Had they known about the principle of ideal alignment, they might have elaborated. Ideal alignment creates the optimal relationship among body segments and the optimal relationship between the body and its immediate environment. Proper alignment is a dynamic stance that creates maximum stability, movement function, joint freedom and the optimal relationship to gravity. In our sessions I will ana,lyze and evaluate your body posture, and we will discuss the basic principles relating to alignment.

Is pain your biggest concern? Pain can come not only from the poor alignment, but heredity, aging, an accident or a disease; whatever the cause, it is a warning that something is wrong. We will learn about the pain and bad postural habits that can result from daily activities such as repetitive movements on computers, sitting on poorly designed office chairs for extended periods, driving on airplane travel. I will analyze imbalanced muscles including tight muscles that create stress and loose ones that create joint instability. I will help correct these problems by creating a customized holistic exercise program which will help reprogram the mind-body connection so that muscles will begin to work together as a team.

In some cases, I will work in conjunction with a physician orthopedist, physical therapist, chiropractor or massage therapist if that is necessary to provide the best program for the client.